Vermont Special Ed Advocates​​    

​​Vermont Special Ed Advocates​​    

I​'m an experienced, committed and persuasive advocate for families navigating special education and Section 504 issues. My experience is both personal and professional as I am a parent of two young adults, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Alongside my husband, I advocated strongly for her during her public school years for supports, services and inclusion opportunities she'd not otherwise have received. I can help you and your team create the best educational plan possible for your child and will actively negotiate for his or her needs using my expertise and investment in constructive collaborations.

In 2007 I began working at Vermont Family Network as a consultant in special education and worked there until 2016, at which point I began consulting privately. During my tenure at VFN I attended countless trainings and seminars on topics including: IEP, Section 504, Special Education Evaluation & Eligibility, Mental Health, Bullying & Harassment, Discipline & Behavior, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Cultural Competency, MTSS, PBIS, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Transition Planning, Language Development, Social Skills and Assistive Technology.

I've supported over a thousand parents of children and young adults with special needs across all disability areas and have particular expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Parent's Rights. I've helped many parents pursue Administrative Complaints, Due Process and Mediation. I and my husband successfully utilized all of those complaint avenues during the course of our child's public school education and my understanding of IDEA and Section 504 is deep. I understand state and federal laws and will bring my professionalism (and, occasionally, my humor) to the table in pursuit of appropriate services, programs, modifications and accommodations to meet your child's individual special needs. As an advocate, I will be a champion for you and your child.                                            -Nancy Kisonak

​Member of COPAA, the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates.                      


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